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Space Complexes

“Vostochny” is a Russian spaceport under construction in Amur region for preparation and launching of space vehicles of scientific, social-and-economic and commercial purpose, cargo transportation vehicles and space station modules. New spaceport will provide independence of Russian space activities connected with research and use of space environment as well as improvement of economic environment in the Far East.

Scheme of Spaceport “Vostochny” with mobile service tower, under construction


Umbilical tower to perform processing works connected with rocket fuelling

Launching system with raised supporting trusses

Upper tower

Maintenance van

In December 2012 the contract on equipment manufacturing for spaceport “Vostochny” was signed between PJSC “TYAZHMASH” and FSUE TsENKI NIISK named after V. P. Barmin.

Project tasks

Under the contract PJSC “TYAZHMASH” is a subcontractor on launching system elements designing as well as production and delivery of the following items:

  • launching system;
  • maintenance van;
  • upper tower;
  • umbilical tower;
  • erector;
  • protection devices set.

Delivery of “Soyuz-2” rocket to launching system using erector produced by “TYAZHMASH”


Pads for launching the rockets “Soyuz-2” of light and medium classes are located at the spaceport. Launching complex for heavy rockets “Angara-5” (with manned space vehicles) is planned to be built by 2018


The order on equipment production for spaceport “Vostochny” obtained at the end of 2012 may be called as the next step in PJSC “TYAZHMASH” history. Scope of works, number of engaged enterprises, purpose of order — these facts and many others make the project unique in all aspects.

Special attention is to be paid to orbiter processing facility being built at the overpass of the workshop No. 17. This facility will be designed for check assembly and testing of launching system and assembly of erector. Due to this fact PJSC “TYAZHMASH” will become the unique enterprise in our country where launching equipment testing performance for launching the launch vehicles of “Soyuz” type is possible.

Unique experience

PJSC “TYAZHMASH” possesses wide experience in the sphere of designing and creation of facilities for space industry and sufficient manufacturing, material and human resources for efficient execution of this project.

Previously PJSC “TYAZHMASH” participated in creation of launching complexes units for spaceports Baikonur, Plesetsk, individual major units of N-1 rocket trusses, launching system for launch vehicle “Soyuz-ST”, maintenance van of launch vehicle at the start, stand for “Fregat” unit assembly and head of launch vehicle for space-launching complex Kourou in French Guiana.