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JSC “TYAZHMASH” possesses wide experience in the sphere of designing, manufacturing and mounting of various hydromechanical equipment.

Types of equipment:

  • Cone valves (pressure: up to 2.8 MPa, diameter: up to 2.6 m);

  • Drop shutters (pressure: up to 0.51 MPa, width: up to 6.0 m);

  • Synchronized valves (pressure: up to 6.4 MPa, diameter: up to 1.5 m);

  • Rotary valves (pressure: up to 0.6 MPa, diameter: up to 1.8 m);

  • Dam valves;
  • Airlock chamber gates;
  • Quick-acting gates;
  • Chamber gates;
  • Trash racks;
  • Devices for trash racks cleaning;
  • Dam gates;
  • Emergency barriers;
  • Hydrotechnic lifting devices;
  • Air-inlet valves, etc.