Generator rotor was lowered into the unit pit at Alluriquin HPP in Ecuador

July 28, 2020

For one of the largest projects of JSC “Tyazhmash”- construction of the Toachi Pilaton hydropower complex in Ecuador — July was marked by a significant event. At Alluriquin HPP the hydraulic generator rotor was lowered into the pit of unit No.2. The whole process took about two hours and was carried out under normal conditions.

The crucial stage was preceded by long and painstaking work. The assembly of the 220-ton rotor alone on the assembly site took about four months. In addition, it was necessary to install the lower bracket, prepare the thrust bearing, assemble the stator with laying the winding in the joint areas and do many other operations.

At present, the construction of Alluriquin HPP has approached the halfway point. On hydraulic units Nos. 1 and 2 the wicket gates, shaft end seals, as well as shafts and runners are assembled, auxiliary equipment, pipes and high-pressure oil pressure unit are installed. At the same time, the work on the hydraulic unit No. 3 has started.

In total, as part of the Ecuador order, JSC TYAZHMASH is to equip and put into operation two HPPs — Sarapullo and Alluriquin, two substations of the same name, the Toachi dam, the Pilaton water intake, the Toachi mini HPP and the central control board La Palma. Now all three hydraulic units at Sarapullo HPP have been assembled and delivered to the customer, while the commissioning and putting the equipment into commercial operation are ahead. Cable systems are being assembled and connected at the Pilaton water intake. At the Sarapullo substation, the installation of high voltage equipment is being completed, and at the Alluriquin substation, similar works are being prepared for a complete gas-insulated switchgear.