Two new machines are being installed in the workshops of “Tyazhmash” JSC

July 15, 2020

The machine pool of “Tyazhmash” JSC is preparing to take in the new equipment. These are two horizontal milling and boring machines RONIN 6000 and CASTEL TERUS 180, purchased at the end of last year from the Italian company FPT INDUSTRIE. Modern equipment should reduce the production load by taking over a part of complex machining operations.

Due to the unfavourable epidemiological situation, the delivery of machines to the plant was complicated. For safety reasons the cargo arriving in Tolyatti by hired by the seller road train was moved to the transport ordered by “Tyazhmash” JSC. Unpacking of the equipment, which was to take place with the participation of the representative of the supplier, was performed by the plant workers themselves. All operations were coordinated with the seller remotely and were accompanied by photo and video shooting.

Installation began already after the FPT INDUSTRIE specialist managed to arrive to “Tyazhmash”. Now the main task is to assemble both machines in parallel, but work on CASTEL TERUS is moving faster. Its basic units have already been installed, most of the internal electrical connections, equipment debugging is underway. In the nearest future there are plans to install the mechanical part of the second, larger RONIN machine. So far, its basic units are being installed on the foundation. In addition, electrical cabinets and peripherals have taken their places.