Works on the second hydroturbine for Irkutskaya HPP are at completion stage

June 8, 2020

In the production shops of JSC TYAZHMASH the manufacture of the second of four propeller-type hydroturbines for the Irkutskaya HPP is getting to the final stage. The unit is planned to be shipped to the Angara banks this summer.

At present the plant workers are engaged in machining of the future hydraulic unit elements. In particular, one of the most important production operations — joint machining of the shaft and the runner — is carried out. Holes for pin joints are to be made in the vertically exposed structure. Assembled this unit weighs 90 tons and is over 11 meters high. The operation is a finishing one and requires high precision. After its successful completion, our experts will carry out a check assembly of the runner hub with the blades and the runner cone.

Also the final stage of production includes the guide bearing and mounting devices for the automatic control system.