Observance of preventive measures to avoid coronavirus spreading continues at JSC TYAZHMASH

May 25, 2020

In order to maintain stability of production processes, but at the same time to ensure safety of personnel in the conditions of coronavirus pandemics, JSC TYAZHMASH continues its work taking into account the implemented preventive measures. Due to this, nowadays the company manages to avoid the outbreak of coronavirus infection and to slow down its spread.

The list of events includes regular treatment of workshops, administrative premises and entrances. A special disinfection team was organized, which works in accordance with the established standards, and the necessary equipment was purchased. Such equipment includes modern electric backpack atomizers with a maximum spraying range of more than 10 meters and gasoline atomizers with the so-called mist technology.

Maximum insulation of the plant from potentially dangerous external factors plays a major role. All entrances are equipped with thermal cameras that record body temperature. Access to the plant for outside visitors and vehicles is limited. If necessary, those arriving are given a sanitary check and then provided with personal protective equipment. All transport means are also thoroughly treated, and a vehicle disinfection point with a 40-minute disinfection cycle is set up.

Special attention is paid to maintaining the health of the personnel. All employees were provided with reusable protective masks, after which the company’s management set the face mask requirement. More than 14,000 vitamin preparations were also purchased, due to which each plant worker was able to undergo a month’s intake and prepare his immunity to stress.

Today, throughout the territory of JSC TYAZHMASH containers with disinfectant are placed for self-disinfection of office workplaces, personal gadgets, control panels of machines and equipment controls. In addition, dispensers with antiseptic were installed in common areas for convenient and timely hand treatment.

Along with the introduction of preventive measures, the company began testing employees to detect the disease COVID-19. The plant workers who have returned from epidemiologically unfavourable cities and countries, as well as those who have symptoms of seasonal viral diseases, are examined outside JSC TYAZHMASH. Testing is organized on the territory of the company to determine patients with asymptomatic coronavirus flow. As of May 25, biological material has been collected from more than 1,000 people.

Considering that the personnel of TYAZHMASH plant are not only Syzran specialists, but also employees of subsidiaries, branches and remote complexes in various cities of Russia and even countries around the world, the fight against the spread of coronavirus is conducted on a large scale. By the middle of May 2020, the costs of preventive maintenance in the company’s structures had already exceeded 25 million rubles. At the same time, the new approach to safety is not a one-time measure. It will continue to be used, for example, in outbreaks of seasonal infections, and most of the costs will be an investment in the long-term health of the personnel.