TYAZHMASH started shipping equipment for Lebedinsky GOK

May 7, 2020

In spring the plant workers started shipping equipment for Lebedinsky mining and processing plant — one of the country’s largest producers of iron ore raw materials and a longstanding partner of Syzran company. As part of the reconstruction carried out at the plant, TYAZHMASH JSC supplies two new ore grinding mills.

One of the machines, MMS-9500×2900, is designed for primary processing of ferruginous quartzites. The shipment to the facility started with this one. Some of the equipment, including the lubrication system, was shipped to the Belgorod region by road. Then the drum housing was sent — this dimensional part with a diameter of 9.5 meters took up two railway gondola cars. Therefore, most of the assemblies were sent to the site by the end of April, where the dismantling of the life-expired mill is now in full swing.

Another mill, MRG-5500×7500, is to perform secondary ore grinding using ore pebbles. At present most of the machining of the equipment is done in the plant workshops, and the entire production cycle of the product should be completed by the end of July.

Both machines will be installed on already existing foundations according to the existing scheme of the plant’s technological section. During the design of the new equipment the customer’s requirements and experience in operating the replaced equipment were taken into account, and modern solutions and materials were used in the manufacture. The mills will be characterized by increased productivity, reliability and maintainability.