The project for PJSC Shipyard Severnaya Verf is completed

January 31, 2020

In the second half of December 2019 JSC Tyazhmash was visited by representatives of PJSC Shipyard Severnaya Verf. The purpose of the visit was to accept a large batch of lifting equipment of non-standard size manufactured for the new boathouse at the St. Petersburg Shipyard.

The guests who arrived at the plant paid a lot of attention to production. They visited workshops 17, 30 and 7, the warehouse of finished products, and got acquainted with the work of the IT and engineering development department. After a thorough inspection of all components and parts, representatives of PJSC Shipyard Severnaya Verf were assured of the proper quality of manufactured products. The result of the inspection was reflected in the protocol: all eight bridge electric cranes with lifting capacity of 350 and 20 tons were accepted and transferred to the responsible storage, and the deliver and acceptance act was signed without comment.

The shipment of finished products will take place later. Due to their design features, long beams and other large assemblies of these cranes must be transported only in operating position, and technically this is only possible with delivery by water. Therefore, all the metal structures accepted by the customer will be shipped in spring, after the opening of navigation.