The Toachi Pilaton project in Ecuador has reached an important milestone

December 27, 2019

Six months have passed since the resumption of work on the construction of the Toachi Pilaton HPP complex in Ecuador, for which JSC TYAZHMASH performs design, delivery, installation and commissioning of all hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment. And during this time the company jointly with the contractors has overcome an important stage.

In cooperation with representatives of the largest suppliers of equipment, the specialists of JSC Tyazhmash have carried out an inspection of electromechanical and electrical systems delivered to the construction site before the project was suspended. In particular, we are talking about cable products, power transformers, turbine governor cabinets on hydro units of Sarapullo HPP, hydromechanical equipment of Toachi and Pilaton dams. The restoration of the previously supplied and already installed main equipment has also begun.

Besides, the erecting personnel of JSC Tyazhmash have started the assembly of three units at Alluriquín HPP. The assembly of the critical unit — the rotor of hydrogenerator No. 1 has already been completed and the stator assembly is nearing completion. Next in line is a significant event — lowering of the hydrogenerator rotor into the unit pit.

At the Toachi Dam, the installation of a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 50 tons, a trash rack cleaning machine and sliding gates is currently at full speed. Preparations have started for large-scale painting of products. At the Pilaton Dam the commissioning of hydromechanical equipment has started, at the same time it is waiting for painting and partial transfer to the customer.

High-voltage equipment has been installed at the Sarapullo substation. Preparation for laying cable trays is being currently in progress.