TYAZHMASH is completing the installation of the NS17F2 machine after the upgrade

November 29, 2019

At the production site of JSC TYAZHMASH the upgraded horizontal milling and boring machine NS17F2 is being prepared to be put into operation. In the updated version, the equipment has expanded technological functionality, increasing accuracy, speed of processing and receiving CNC equipment. Today it is the largest machine of its class in the plant and a rare model for Russia.

Now the 6×4 meter working table with 160 tons capacity can be moved by 5 meters and rotated by 360 degrees. The machining area has been significantly increased, and in addition to the spindle, which has a different speed than the previous tenfold, the machine is equipped with a movable sleeve. Together they provide a 3.1 meters long transverse travel and the ability to process complex and large parts. New features include a dual tool cooling system, including internal cooling via a spindle.

The repair of a strategically important technological unit was carried out by the Czech company Škoda Machine Tool. Assembly of the main NS17F2 units was completed at TYAZHMASH plant in October 2019, and then its commissioning was successfully completed. Today the installation has been completed and it is time for acceptance tests. They consist of a whole complex of measures including geometric accuracy checking, “examination” for circular trajectory deviation and positioning accuracy of all units, and also tests of correct functioning and serviceability of all machine systems.

Active support is provided by Škoda Machine Tool representatives, who supervise all stages of this intense process. Other companies are also involved in the work. For example, Ulyanovsk specialists check the test part processed on the modernized machine. For this purpose, a control and measuring machine is used, which is able to provide data with micron accuracy.

Meanwhile, the employees of JSC TYAZHMASH are already preparing for the operation of the unique equipment. Equipment designed to process a wide range of products has been entrusted to a team of experienced program controlled machine operators. It is planned that the first production task for the NS17F2 will be processing the umbilical tower blocks for the second stage of the Vostochny Cosmodrome.