Hydraulic unit No. 1 of Belorechenskaya HPP was put into operation

December 29, 2018

On the 24th of December, the hydraulic unit No. 1 of Belorechenskaya HPP was put into operation in the presence of representatives of Customer (Lukoil-Ekoenergo LLC), General Contractor (GidroSpetsStroyMontazh LLC), and Subcontractor (JSC TYAZHMASH).

Equipment for the hydraulic unit No. 1 was supplied to the construction site of Belorechenskaya HPP in accordance with agreed terms. The turbine successfully passed load tests and was put into operation.

The contract on supply of equipment for reconstruction of Belorechenskaya HPP hydraulic units Nos. 1 and 3 was signed by TYAZHMASH and GidroSpetsStroyMontazh (Volgodonsk) on the 30th of March, 2017. The key customer is Lukoil-Ekoenergo LLC. It is the main supplier of power in the South of Russia.

Under the contract, JSC TYAZHMASH shall prepare technical documentation, produce, and supply two radial-axial hydraulic turbines with electrocylinders, spare parts, and mounting facilities. TYAZHMASH is also obliged to carry out supervision installation and adjustment supervision of equipment.

While developing a new hydraulic profile for Belorechenskaya HPP, TYAZHMASH was obliged to increase capacity of the unit by 1.5 times. Now the plant installed capacity is 48 MW. It is provided by operation of three units of 16 MW each. The customer wanted to maintain the installed capacity of HPP, but to reduce the number of units.

To increase efficiency and power, the advanced blade system has been developed. Moreover, TYAZHMASH has applied the unique technology — electrocylinders providing high-accuracy electromechanical control over wicket gate without oil hydraulic drives. This method of control is environmental friendly, it excludes oil leakages, and increases reliability and stability of control over hydraulic unit in normal conditions and emergency ones.

After reconstruction, the maximum efficiency of turbine will be 95.1%, and the maximum capacity at maximum head — 26.7 MW.

JSC TYAZHMASH has been cooperating with Lukoil-Ekoenergo LLC since 2002. Syzran plant has already manufactured and supplied equipment for hydraulic unit No. 2. Most of the equipment for the hydraulic unit No. 3 has already been produced, and the items will be shipped to the construction site of Belorechenskaya HPP.